Is black the new black?

When it comes to bathroom, kitchen and cabinetry fittings and hardware, it’s pretty clear that black really is more than a passing trend, in fact many would say it’s leading the way in design trends – and maybe outshining chrome! An easy and affordable way to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your home. In case you need any justification to add this style to your new home, here are some design notes from our interior team to get your creative juices flowing.

Partners with everything
Black is the perfect partner to the entire spectrum of colours and finishes. Whether you are pairing your black tapware and bathroom fittings with stylish blush pink hues, timeless whites or contemporary grey, you will find choosing black will only enhance those colours and make them pop. Similarly, black accessories marry well with different textures, such as marble, stone and timber, the versatility is endless.

Low maintenance
Any moment we can steal back from spending time cleaning and maintaining our homes is a bonus! With matte black tapware and fittings having a lower propensity to show those pesky finger prints, that can very quickly undo even the most pristinely maintained home, this home style can very quickly become your favourite.

Style sensibility
Unlike other interior trends, black tapware doesn’t necessarily lock you into a set style that limits your creativity. In fact, quite the opposite, black features add a touch of glamour to any style you choose, be it industrial chic, traditional, contemporary, scandi or a mixture of all! If you decide to change your style, your black tapware can go with you!

Eye-catching or subtle foundation 
Whether you’re looking to create a striking statement with black features in a simple white bathroom, or to add outline and definition in a room busy with colours, black fittings are your new go-to. Style around them or use them to add the accent to a room, the sky is the limit.

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