A Statement in Style

We’ve all got our favourite homes, the one you see each day on the way home from work, the one that is on your walking route, the one you found by accident but continue to drive by without an excuse. You haven’t been inside any of them, but are taken by their street presence, always wondering if the style carries throughout. It’s known as the ‘façade effect’, and it’s definitely a thing.

The front of your home presents an important design aesthetic and embodies your individual style statement. The mixture of elements, with colours, materials and textures partners with your front landscaping and provides the perfect segue for what lies behind the front door.

So how do you nail the ‘façade effect’ with your new home? The top 3 design tips from the Ridge Homes design team will have you on the way to guru status in a flash.

Style doesn’t have to break the budget

Getting the façade style right is one thing, but using all your budget on the outside means something has to give on the inside. A well-designed façade with products and colours working in synergy doesn’t have to break the bank.

Know your community rules

Some land estates have defined design rules relating to façade styles, also known as covenants. These are put in place to protect you, not work against you! Prescribing rules around colours, materials and frequency of design means that your neighbourhood finished built form is in line with the vision for the community, which is the reason you bought there in the first place. Make sure you read up on these guidelines before you start making decisions you might need to un-do!

Decisions to last the test of time

In vogue colours are great, and very individual, but will you still be in love with that colour in 5 years’ time? Lavender is the colour of the moment, but next month it might be bottle green, after that it might be back to blush, how will your façade keep up? The answer is keep it neutral, use colours that create frames, depth and a natural theme. Your façade effect will be achieved with subtle and sympathetic style to stand the test of time.

The Ridge Homes design range includes a diverse selection of designer facades to suit all style, colour, covenant requirements, the hard part is choosing which one!

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